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My Services

Pre-consultation Firstly we will have a short conversation on the phone so that I can understand your needs and make sure I am the right person for you to be working with. I will then ask you to fill in a questionnaire before we meet regarding your past and present health profile. This will help me to meet your needs during the consultation, ensuring we maximize the time we have together.

Consultation The initial consultation can last up to 90 minutes in clinic. I will ask you to fill in a food diary prior to the consultation. We will then talk through your case history, your needs and expectations and I will provide a food and lifestyle plan to support the issues we have discussed. This plan will usually include suggestions that cover food, lifestyle and occasionally supplements.


The follow Up The follow up consultations will be a catch up at which point we discuss how the plan is going and adapt this accordingly. I like to work with clients for a minimum of 2 months as nutrition is not a quick fix, it takes time to see results and I hope to build up a relationship with clients based on trust and longevity. If there are elements discussed within the consultation that are out of my scope of practice, I will always recommend the appropriate alternative practitioners.


Where do I work? Clinic spaces all over London and also by Skype for follow ups if convenient. Costs

12 weeks programme

Initial consultation (In clinic) and follow up every 2 weeks (in clinic or via Skype dependent

on client)

Includes unlimited email contact with a response guaranteed within 24 hours, recipe

suggestions and information.

Does not included detailed daily meal plans

Total cost £550

Ongoing support

30-40 minute sessions beyond 8/12 weeks for 30-40 minutes either in clinic or via Skype.

Total cost £80 per session

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